Dull Rug

Someone on Pinterest pinned this beauty but neglected to say where she got it from. If you know I would love to give the hooker credit, so do drop a line…In the meantime I think this is one of the lovelies dull rugs, I’have yet to see. – just wonderful.

A Sailing we go!

Again from Yacht Magazine….July 2014

Yachting at Mystic

I saw this in Yacht magazine….lovely story too.

Pretty Yacht in the Harbor

Some of these may make lovely paintings….or rugs

Eindhoven…the funeral

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Poem: Become Becoming

from Spirituality and Health Magazine.

Ceramic Statue of BAAL

from the Dallas Museums of Arts.

Selby Shoe Postcard

Before I was around, I had heard that when you bought your annual pair of shoes, Shoe companies had their own stores, like the famous Miles Shoes or Buster Browns, and you were put on their mailing list and got birthday wishes and Christmas cards.

Songza goes to Google

from UK’s Micro Mart Magazine….

Origami Horse

from John Montoll’s Origami made Easy….